Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about Tuskify and how to use it. If you have any questions that these FAQs don't answer please get in touch with our Support team.

What is a recipe?

A recipe is a set of rules that perform actions when those rules are met. A recipe is made up of Triggers and Actions, and it is these that decide when the recipe runs and what happens when it does.

What are triggers and actions

Triggers - when a recipe runs, any changes in Evernote since the last run are checked against the triggers you have set up in each recipe. For example, a trigger could be added to a recipe to check for when the tag "new york" is added to a note.

Actions - when your triggers have matched a note, the actions you have created are applied to that note. For the "new york" trigger above for example, you could create an action to move a note to your "Holidays" notebook.

How does Tuskify work?

Tuskify is an automation service that checks the changes in your Evernote account against the recipes you have set up to see if it should run the Actions.

When you first connect your Evernote account to Tuskify, we will synchronize with Evernote and securely save some information about your notes (to view more details about the information we store please see the FAQ What Evernote data does Tuskify store? and our Privacy Policy).

When Tuskify runs your recipes, we will first check to see if we have received any notifications from Evernote. If we have, we will check if the changes that have occurred match the triggers on each of your enabled recipes.

If we find triggers that match, we will run the actions on the notes that caused the triggers to match. This process will be repeated approximately every 15 minutes.

Time-based triggers (i.e. reminders) work in a slightly different way. These are triggers that are dependent on time for them to match, instead of a change made by you in your Evernote account. For example, if you add the trigger "when a reminder is overdue" to your recipe, this trigger will match when a reminder on a note becomes overdue (older than the current date and time). Evernote don't send a notifications about reminders expiring or becoming due, so this processing needs to happen independently of the process above.

Currently time-based filters in the search trigger work based on the notifications sent from Evernote. This means that if you add something like "reminderTime:week" to your search trigger, it will only match when we receive a notification from Evernote (i.e. when you make a change to the note).

If you would like to know more about how Tuskify works, please send us your question.

How often will my recipes run?

Your recipes will run every 15 minutes in the order in which they were created. It may take a minute or two to see the results in Evernote after a recipe has run due to syncing, load etc.

Will a recipe affect notes that already exist in my notebooks?

No. Recipes are forward-looking, meaning that they only get applied to notes that are updated after the recipe has been created and enabled.

Can I chain recipes together to run triggers and actions one after the other?

Absolutely! When an action is performed on a note, this will signal to Tuskify that the note has been updated and will be processed when your recipe next runs. You can create recipes to pick up these sequential changes to create your entire workflow.

For example, lets say you want all new notes to have the tag "Zebra" added, and these notes should be moved to the notebook "Animals". You can create two recipes to achieve this:

  1. Create a recipe with a trigger that looks for created notes and an action that adds the tag "Zebra" to these notes.
  2. Create another recipe with a trigger that looks for notes that have the tag "Zebra" added and an action that moves these notes to the notebook "Animals".

When a new note is created the first recipe will add the "Zebra" tag to the note. When the recipe runs next, it will see that a note was updated with this tag and move it to the "Animals" notebook.

Why isn't my recipe running?

The first thing to check is the last run date of the recipe. When editing a recipe, underneath the recipe name will be the date and time the recipe was last run.

Recipes are run every 15 minutes. If the last run date is more than 15 minutes ago, please ensure the recipe is enabled, you have a valid subscription and that you have authorized Evernote. You can check your subscription and authorization status in your My Account area.

If the recipe has run in the last 15 minutes but your notes are not being updated as you would expect, please double check the recipe.

Also note that the Evernote apps on your phone, tablet, computer etc. usually do not synchronize your notes to Evernote immediately. Please ensure your apps have synchronized so your recipe can check the latest changes to your notes.

As always our support team are happy to help with any issues you may have. If the above steps did not help, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How secure is Tuskify?

Security is our top priority at Tuskify. We use bank level encryption to ensure your data is kept private.

We use Evernote's recommended practices to connect to your account so we never have access to your Evernote username and password. When you authorize Tuskify with Evernote, you are taken to Evernote's secure login page. Once you log in to Evernote, Evernote assigns you a unique "access token" and you are sent back to Tuskify. We are then able to use this token to authenticate you with Evernote.

Your Tuskify password (the one you use to log in to our site) is also encrypted and not visible to anyone, even us!

You are in control of your data. If you decide you no longer wish to use Tuskify, the "Delete Account" will permanently delete all of your data from Tuskify. You are also able to revoke the access token mentioned above in Evernote's Account settings.

What Evernote data does Tuskify store?

Tuskify is an automation service that integrates with Evernote to perform certain actions.

In order for us to do this, we need to store specific Evernote data to allow us to check if your Triggers are matched. This data is listed below:

  • Your unique access token as mentioned above
  • Id, Title and Attributes (e.g. reminder time) of your notes
  • Id and name of your notebooks
  • Id and name of your tags

Do you save my Credit Card details?

No, we never store your credit card details.

Tuskify uses an industry recognized payment provider called Stripe, who securely processes your payments to us.

When you subscribe to a plan with Tuskify, a box will pop up from Stripe. This box is hosted by Stripe and at no stage do we receive your payment information.

Does Tuskify support Evernote Business accounts?

Yes we do. We offer a Business plan which allows you to synchronize your business notes with Tuskify.

When you register your business with Tuskify, you will be the Business Owner for your business in Tuskify. A Business Owner has access to all of Tuskify's features, plus the ability to invite your Evernote business users.

As a business with Tuskify, your recipes will be applied to all of your users who have accepted your invitation to Tuskify.

What's the difference between a Business Owner and a Business Admin?

A Business Owner is the person who created the Tuskify account for your business. They are able to create business (and personal) recipes and invite business users to Tuskify.

As a Business Owner, when you invite a user to Tuskify you have the option of assigning them as a Business Admin. A Business Admin is able to create recipes for your business and invite other users.

If you choose not to assign the user as a Business Admin, that user's notes will be synchronized with Tuskify and your business's recipes will be applied to their notes. They will not be able to create recipes for your business.

Business Owner Business Admin Business User
Recipes applied to notes
Create recipes
Invite users
Revoke users
Manage subscription

Can I have a Business and a Personal account?

Absolutely. Your business recipes and personal recipes are separate, just as your notes are separate in Evernote.

Your personal recipes will not have any affect on your business notes and vice-versa.

Can I request a new feature?

Please do! We prioritize our to-do list by the most requested features and ideas from our customers, so we'd love to hear your idea. Please use the Support form to get in touch.

Got a question?

Customers are our top priority so please get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.