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New features for December!

We're excited to announce that some of the most requested features are now ready to use! New triggers, new actions, recipe folders and more!

Connect Tuskify to Zapier!

We're really excited to bring you our latest update... integration with Zapier! Tuskify is now one of the apps on Zapier that can be connected to hundreds of other apps to automate Evernote even more than before!

Your New Help Center

Our customers are extremely important to us! We want to keep you happy so we've just launched a new help center to provide you with easy access to support articles, example recipes, FAQs etc.

New Features for September

We’ve been listening to the feedback from our awesome customers and have been hard at work over the last few months to implement several new features and updates you have asked for to help you automate Evernote.

What Are Recipe Bundles?

We explain what recipe bundles are and how they affect you

Using the Wildcard Character in the Search Trigger

Sometimes it is just easier to search based on a part of the Evernote field in question, so we’ve added the wildcard to the author and sourceurl search triggers.

Quotes in the Author Search Trigger

The author search is particularly useful to make changes to notes authored by a specific person. If the author field in Evernote contains extra quotes, they must be handled differently - here we show you how...

Download an Overview of Your Recipes

Download an overview of your recipes in CSV format to open in Microsoft Office, Google Sheets etc.

Add the Date to Your Note Titles

You can now add a key date to the title of your notes, whether it be the date the note was created or based on an action on that note e.g. a reminder becoming due. Find out how to start using this useful tip...

Our new blog is coming soon!

We at Tuskify have many things to say about Evernote and productivity (and a few other things) so we are starting a brand new blog! Check back soon to get our latest updates, we promise it won't be long.